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Compassionate Estate Planning

Keep your family on sure footing. It is important to ensure your estate is in order should the unexpected happen to you. Ferguson & Gille provides complete reviews of your family situation and assets. We keep in mind your wishes and explain tax consequences your estate may sustain. From there, we can suggest alternatives to consider.

You don't have to draft and prepare documents yourself. Estate planning makes up a large portion of our practice, and we have exception personal knowledge and experience with this legal area. We will guide you through the process and carefully execute and attend to your documents. Our goal is to ensure we are fulfilling your wishes and estate planning desires in a timely manner.

Setting Up Trusts Properly

Save administrative costs for your estate by letting us help you select the right trust avenue that meets your objectives. Our services can help you save on taxes or even address any personal family situations. We will work to ensure that your trusts are set up properly and that the trust is applied to a credible reference.

Uncontested Divorces

We want to help you do what's best for the stability of the members of your family. Our divorce attorneys can meet with you to review procedures, including explaining the divorce process as well as the tax consequences of potential property settlement disagreements. Our goal is to ensure that an uncontested divorce ends mutually for each party. We can also handle any real estate transactions made in addition to the divorce process.

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